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About Us

We have been helping Maytag Neptune owners since 2006. We started with the Q6 R11 repair kit with wax motor that saved around $400 by not bothering the repairman. What happens is the faulty door latch wax motor eventually shorts out causing the Q6 triac to overheat and short which causes the R11 resistor to burn. Once this happens, the door will not lock which prevents the high speed spin cycle. So, no spin = soaking wet clothes at the end of the wash cycle. You can proactively replace this wax motor and prevent the Q6 and R11 failure which is preferable. See Neptune Help for more information

Then we designed the Neptune bearing and seal kit which will save you about $750 plus add years of more service from your machine. Next, we started offering the only Neptune Bearing tool rental program available thus saving our customer’s time and money! See Neptune Bearing for details.